Everything started in 1984. Four partners inspired by a project that revolved around a highly unusual material: the bovine hides. This is how Hide S.p.A. Saga begun. The company, located in Curtarolo, Padova, literally went from rags to riches in about twelve years, and became a leader in the leather sector with an annual turnover of 25 billion Euros. The company is managed by four partners: Claudio Zanchin, Francesco Gabriele Zanchin, Ivano Stocco and Pasquale Auriemma. Hide S.p.A. stemmed from an idea of Mr Claudio Zanchin and then developed until its current size: an over-161,000-sf area, half of which is made of warehouses and covered surfaces. There is where the whole company work is focused and unprocessed national hides, as well as hides processed in Eastern Europe, are collected and stored. Besides the collection, Hide S.p.A. also selects and classifies the hides, an operation that requires attention, experience, passion and professionalism, because of its complexity. In May 2006, the European Commission chose Hide S.p.A. as a model company for European hide wholesalers, thus ensuring consistent application of Decision no. 1999/724 on the conditions of raw material for the production of gelatine for human consumption.  


It is necessary to know how to interpret, understand, love and catch the essence of the hide ... this is our job

The Environment

Hide S.p.A. embraces the concept of green energy. As a pioneer in innovation, Hide S.p.A. has a special attention for the protection of the environment. For this reason, it has chosen to use solar energy to fully meet its energy needs.

Model of Organisation,Management and Control under Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001

The Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001, introduced the so-called Administrative Liability of Companies in the Italian law system. Companies are now held liable for certain crimes committed in their interest or to their advantage by persons related to the very same companies (i.e. persons in charge, employees and/or individuals in functional relationship with the company). The law exempts from liability those companies that, before having committed the crime, have adopted and effectively implemented Models of Organisation, Management and Control, capable of preventing criminal intents. Accordingly, the Board of Directors of Hide S.p.A. adopted its own Model of Organisation, Management and Control complemented by the Code of Ethics.
Download the Model of Organisation — vers. 04-03-2013 (PDF — italian version)

Code of Ethics

In order to respond to the increasing demand in the civil and economic context for clear and transparent conducts, the Board of Directors of Hide S.p.A. approved the Company’s Code of Ethics. The Code of Ethics is the document containing the ethical principles — as fairness, honesty, integrity and transparency — that inspire our daily attitude in business and at work, to ensure the proper functioning, the credibility and the positive image of Hide S.p.A.
Download the Code of Ethics (PDF — italian version)


Quality Management

The quality is a strategic objective for our company, as it’s a tool to define and improve the performance of our service. Our aim for quality is to: "Providing a service with a level of quality that fully meets the needs and expectations of the customer and obtaining an improvement of image and market competitiveness" In order to achieve this, our company, in 2002, has obtained the certification system in conformity with the standard UNI EN ISO 9001, issued by an accredited institution which proves, with an independent judgment, the validity of the organization for the quality.

Safety Management

The Management of HIDE Spa considers an important priority pursuing higher levels of health and safety for all people working in the company. Our main objective is to: "Ensuring the continuity and the improvement of the provided services and products, preventing and minimizing the risks for the workers health and safety." In order to achieve this objective, HIDE Spa aims to provide appropriate organizational, economical and instrumental resources, and, in 2013, has adopted its own safety management system in conformity with the standard BS OHSAS 18001, the UNI INAIL Guidelines and the requirements to Art. 30 of Legislative Decree 81/08.



Every day, our unmistakably-red trucks collect the fresh hides from slaughterhouses of Northern Italy. The hides are then stacked in special boxes marked with Hide S.p.A. Brand.

  • Collection
  • Cleaning and Selection
  • Salting
  • Desalting
  • Palletizing and Storaging
  • Loading and Shipping
  • Cutting



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