HIDE SPA considers it to be of strategic importance to make organizational, technological, instrumental and economic resources available, to maintain and improve its integrated management system for quality, health and safety, the environment and sustainability, in compliance with international standards. .



HIDE SPA has chosen to be certified with ICEC , the only Certification Institute in Europe and in the world specialized exclusively for the leather sector and accredited by ACCREDIA which guarantees the value and credibility of the conformity assessments carried out by it.

Guarantee full respect for the environment, prevention of environmental pollution and corporate sustainability.


For HIDE SPA it is of vital importance to develop objectives and programs for the environment appropriate to the purposes of its business and to the context in which it operates, also considering the nature, size and environmental impact of its activities.



Guarantee the monitoring of the supply chain of the company up to the breeding, for all the hides purchased, in compliance with the technical specification TS_SC410 of ICEC.



The objective of HIDE SPA is to satisfy the requests of the tanneries that are increasingly called upon to demonstrate the traceability of each phase of the production process in order to guarantee the "supply chain traceability" of the finished product.


HIDE SPA guarantees a high degree of traceability of its hides by mapping their origin and selecting suppliers with high quality and control standards.


Providing a product / service with a quality level that fully satisfies the needs and expectations

of the customer and interested parties, in order to obtain and maintain a high level of image and positioning

on the market compared to competitors.


Priorities of HIDE SPA are:


  • attention to the customer, from the study of his needs to the issuing of the order up to the complete fulfillment of the same, passing through strict procedures in the production field that guarantee fast and punctual delivery times.


  • Loyalty and transparency towards all suppliers


Guarantee the continuity and improvement of the level of services and products provided, preventing and reducing to zero accidents and risks to the health and safety of workers, contractors and other interested parties.


HIDE SPA, implements prevention and protection measures that favor: the elimination of dangers; the replacement of sources of danger; the implementation of technical-planning, administrative measures or the reorganization of work; the use of adequate personal protective equipment; through:


  • a careful and accurate risk analysis

  • periodic assessments and monitoring of equipment and the working environment, verifying compliance with current legislation

  • training: training and keeping all employees constantly updated



With the Organization, Management and Control Model pursuant to Legislative Decree 8 June 2001 no. 231 HIDE SPA wanted to constitute an important opportunity to verify, review and integrate the decision-making and application processes, as well as the control systems of the same, strengthening the image of correctness and transparency to which the company activity has always been oriented.


With the Code of Ethics, HIDE SPA wanted to enclose the ethical principles - such as correctness, loyalty, integrity and transparency - which inspire the daily conduct of the same in the conduct of business and in general in the performance of the company in all its aspects, for the good operation, reliability and a positive image internationally.

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