HIDE SPA has implemented a Quality and Safety Management System to guarantee its customers high quality standards and a continuous improvement of the production process, reaching the full potential of industry 4.0

LWG member

HIDE SPA as member of LWG, develop raw articles that can be a significant support for a protocol that assesses environmental compliance and promotes sustainable environmental practices.

With the Management and Control Organization Model pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 8 June 2001 nr. 231 HIDE SPA constitutes an important opportunity to verify, review and integrate company decision-making and application processes, as well as their control systems, strengthening the image of correctness and transparency towards which company's corporate activity has always been oriented.

 With the Code of Ethics  HIDE SPA aim for a higher standard ethical principles, as a priority - such as honesty, loyalty, integrity and transparency - that inspire daily behavior in conducting business and in general in the corporate activities in all its manifestation, for the proper functioning, reliability and the positive image of the organization itself worldwide.

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